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Thank you for checking out our list of press clippings from various media sources.  We have been a story board for many publications both in print and online. With our most newsworthy story is our New Igloos designed and implemented as the pandemic set in.  Also we have converted our indoor pool for dining only until pandemic guidelines change to make best use of the space, fresh-air system and beautiful atrium we call the Aqua Room for a unique dining experience.

Awards we have received have included the Best Marina, by Northshore Magazine for the past 9 years in a row! In 2020 & 2028 ranked Cape Ann Marina a Boaters Choice Marina as well as named part of the Elite Fleet of Marinas in the entire US. In 2021 and 2022, Cape Ann Marina was again name in to top 3% of all marinas as a Boaters Choice Marina.

We have been in business for 49 years and have grown and changed, but still operate a true family run small business that have roots and values that live and breath New England Salt Life living…with a base desire to enjoy the water and boating life that so many can enjoy right here. We have hosted events, groups, celebrations, fundraisers as well as travel writers and more. We hope to continue to host the annual Bluefin Blowout Fishing Tournament where hundreds of people chase the kitty$ for the heaviest giant bluefin tuna!

Contact us for more information on Cape Ann Marina, the Hotel, Mile Marker One Waterfront Restaurant & Bar, Cape Ann Marine Sales & Service or what it is like to be the original home to Wicked Tuna TV series and more.

the Cricket Press story

Hitting the Mark with Outdoor Dining, March 22, 2023

 Cricket Press, Manchester MA Photos and Story by Erika Brown

Bartender at Mile Marker One bar

SPRING IS THE BUFFER SEASON, when daylight savings time brings an extra hour of sunlight, and the cool air starts to warm.  Summer’s coming, and locals start thinking about outdoor dining around Cape Ann.

But over at the Mile Marker One restaurant overlooking the Annisquam River in Gloucester, patrons have been enjoying outdoor dining all winter long in a series of snug, heated waterfront igloo domes, noshing on hearty winter menu items, enjoying cocktails and wine, and private-dining style service while looking out on the sleepy docks of the Cape Ann Marina.  It’s creative, delicious, and beautiful—not to mention fun.

The Caprese Fantastica (above) with burrata stracciatella, organic cherry tomatoes, and grilled Virgilios ciabatta is a popular new menu item, but the Cobb Salad (below) is a loved staple.


“The igloos have been a game changer for us,” said Tobin Dominick, managing partner of Cape Ann Marina and Mile Marker One, about the new form of waterfront dining.  

It all started in 2019, when Tobin and her brother, Drew, who manages the marina side of the family business, were looking to expand beyond the ever-popular summer boating months.  They had just hired Patrick Hurd, a seasoned restaurant and resort manager with deep experience in the US Virgin Islands as general manager.  

Hurd had an idea:  What about outdoor dining?  In the winter?


Woman in Dining Room at Mile Marker One
Cauliflower Bites

Tobin Dominick, managing partner of Cape Ann Marina, inside Mile Marker One’s bar and restaurant. 

The next thing that happened may not be surprising.  Covid hit, and while other restaurants started their pivot and adapted to social distancing, outdoor dining, and social bubbles, at Mile Marker One the next step was obvious.  

“Igloo Village” was born, sited on the outdoor summer deck.  Drew Dominick and the marina team designed and built about a dozen igloos by shrink-wrapping structural pipe domes with the very same vinyl used to winterize boats in the marina.  They sealed the decking slats below the domes, installed high-grade “Isinglass” panoramic windows for the view, and built real wood entry doors painted in happy Caribbean colors.  Inside, the igloos were decorated with hanging light fixtures, webbed wall coverings for texture, and as a final (and necessary) touch, they put in portable (and adjustable) heaters.

Over time, Igloo Village has become something of a hit, especially among bloggers seeking out local curiosities.  Tobin Dominick said customers come because they’re curious, but they return because the experience is fun and warm and beautiful.  And this time of year is amazing she says, because the weather’s getting milder, and the later sunsets mean diners spend more time next to that great view.

Crispy Cauliflower Bites are a new item for spring (above).

Longtime Mile Marker One customers love staples like the grass-fed burger, the epic lobster roll, or the restaurant’s famed Painkiller cocktail (an off-menu go-to for those in the know).  And they’re all available in the winter season.  

But Tobin says some new items have become a hit and may stick around beyond the cold season.  The Pumpkin Butter Board is a shared appetizer that’s both hearty and delicious, with pumpkin mascarpone butter, apples, pears, pomegranates, spiced garbanzos, pepitas, and EVOO-grilled ciabatta.  And the Lobster Mac & Cheese with lumache pasta, peas, and toasted panko feels just right for a cozy evening of igloo dining.  So does the Horseradish-Crusted Haddock with crispy leeks, herb-mashed potatoes, and balsamic shallot reduction.

For sure, winter outdoor dining has become a growing trend around New England as restaurants seek new ways to attract customers during the colder months.  

Outdoor heaters, fire pits, and even blankets are commonly used to create a warm atmosphere.  And, like Mile Marker One, some restaurants have used igloos, tents, and other enclosures to draw customers in.  In 2022, Wine Garden at City Winery in Hudson, Mass., also offered private heated domes for a cozy and intimate dining experience.  And in Boston, The Lookout Rooftop and Bar at the Envoy Hotel now offers heated igloos with views of the city skyline.  

After all, it’s location and atmosphere of outdoor dining spaces that play a crucial role in the success of winter outdoor dining.  And Mile Marker One’s got all that.  In spades.   Link to full story


Igloo Village sign


Outdoor heaters, fire pits, and even blankets are commonly used to create a warm atmosphere.  At Mile Marker One restaurant overlooking the Annisquam River in Gloucester, patrons have been enjoying outdoor dining all winter long in a series of snug, heated waterfront igloo domes, noshing on hearty winter menu items, enjoying cocktails and wine, and private-dining style service while looking out on the sleepy docks of the Cape Ann Marina.  It’s creative, delicious and beautiful—not to mention fun.


The igloos have been a game changer for us ~ Tobin Dominick

Within an hour of home (Haverhill MA). Adventures outside the City limits, January 2023

 by Alison Colby-Campbell

Managers at Igoos at Mile Marker One

Top 6 Reasons To Visit…

“The product they produce is very high quality and while, they take their responsibilities seriously, they don’t take themselves too seriously. The atmosphere set by the team is friendly and fun, knowledgeable and efficient. Our waitress was lovely and obliging too, …”

lobster benedict+blueberry pancakes + egg sandwhich

Photos by Alison Colby-Campbell

” I ordered the lobster benedict because I’d heard one of the sons of the owner is actually the lobster man who procures the crustaceans. I mean could you get any fresher than that! “

Read her story

by OpenTable, September 2022

OpenTable says…

“Our Diners’ Choice lists are unique in that they are powered by people like you and are based only on diners who we’ve confirmed have dined at a restaurant.” 

Mile Marker One is a winner of Open Table Diners' Choice

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voted “Best Marina 2022”, Editors’ & Readers’ Choice, July 2022

by Northshore Magazine

Best Marina by Northshore Magazine
Official Best Marina Cape Ann Marina

8 Places to eat by the water, June 12, 2022

by Jillian Dara

Best Waterfront Deck Dining

excerpts of the article, click to read the full story.

Mile Marker One Restaurant

The indoor dining room may be open year-round, but regulars recognize this Gloucester eatery as the dock and dine destination of the summer. Overlooking the flurry of watercraft action in Cape Ann Marina, including the restaurant’s own onsite lobster and scallop boats, diners may witness their catch being delivered on the spot. Mile Marker One’s seaside raw bar opened last summer, and it’s back for the season, waiting to treat guests to all the perks of a fine dining yacht club without all the fuss. Don’t forget about drinks: Mile Marker One infuses their own tequila used in the 4 Pepper Margarita, and is regionally famed for their Painkiller — salud!

How To Spend a Perfect Weekend in Gloucester Massachusetts, April 2022

by Sandi Barrett in

excerpts of the article, click to read the full story.

Mile Marker One Restaurant

When you put a modern twist on traditionally-classic dishes, you set the bar high. At the hip and casual Mile Marker One Restaurant, they offer the perfect storm: delicious food and outstanding views.

Nestled in the heart of the marina on the Annisquam River, you can watch the busy harbor comings and goings as you happily munch on delectable delights from the local waters. Starters like the sauteed mussels with sausage and garlic in a flavorful broth, or the caramelized pear and fresh burrata salad with greens and bacon are loaded with flavor. The signature horseradish-crusted haddock topped with super crispy leeks resting on herb mashed potatoes rivals the seared local tuna served with a mango, avocado, and macadamia nut salad and a silky cashew sauce. Add a chilled bottle of wine and you have marina dining perfection.

During the cooler seasons — everyone but summer — they have custom marina-made igloos for a semi-al fresco dining experience. The heated tents have window views of the harbor and create a private dining room for each party. The unique dining experience, enhanced by the water views, is the perfect addition to your Gloucester getaway.

Cape Ann’s Marina Resort
Just outside of the hustle of the downtown area is Cape Ann’s Marina Resort. Cozy rooms with a coastal vibe are on top of the waterfront action. From the extended deck, you can dreamily watch the harbor boats come and go, hear the chatter of local fishermen, and look on enviously at the yachts slicing through the local waters.

Enjoy a relaxing long weekend stay and a room with a gorgeous view, perfect for relaxing after a day at the beach. You can dine on-site at Mile Marker One and then stroll along the docks to watch the picturesque sunsets on the rippling water.

The resort is undergoing a complete renovation of their guest rooms (several under restoration at a time), ushering in a modern and casual beachy resort feel.

Mile Marker One’s 4 Pepper Tequila Double Hot Chocolate with Shaken Cream and The Proper Irish Coffee get some press…
by Northshore Magazine

Mile Marker One Restaurant sits at the edge of the Annisquam River in Gloucester, and whether you choose to eat inside the restaurant itself or in one of its colorful, heated, nautical-inspired igloos that seat four to six people, don’t miss their 4 Pepper Tequila Double Hot Chocolate with Shaken Cream. 

The restaurant infuses tequila with four different kinds of peppers—three spicy, one sweet—to make its four-pepper tequila and mixes it with a double hot chocolate for a warm dessert cocktail that’s ultra-rich with a spicy kick. 

“We basically double the amount of chocolate and then we add the spicy pepper tequila on top of that,” says Patrick Hurd, general manager of Mile Marker One Restaurant and Cape Ann’s Marina Resort.

As if that weren’t enough richness, the drink is also topped with a generous dollop of super-chilled thick shaken cream, which packs a wallop of flavors, temperatures, and sensations with every sip. 

“It’s really fun because when it touches your lips, the cream is really cold yet smooth…the heat of the hot chocolate, and the sweet, and then the spice hits,” Hurd says. “It’s kind of a one-two-three experience.” 

For those looking to sip on less spice and more “nice,” try the Proper Irish Coffee: A piping hot coffee mixed with one cube of sugar and good Irish whiskey, and topped with thick shaken cream. 

Interview & Podcast – – February 2022
By Joey Ciaramitaro and crew


Post – – January 2022
By Joey Ciaramitaro and crew
Photos by GMG

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 Voted North Shore Magazine’s
Best Ladies Night Out 2019

North Shore Magazine

 Voted North Shore Magazine’s
Best Marina seven years in a row!

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