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Wicked Tuna

National Geographic's Hit TV Series Wicked Tuna

Gloucester Massachusetts is known as the Bluefin Capitol of the world, so it is no wonder that these water attract some of the most notorious fishermen around.  Cape Ann Marina is home port to some of National Geographic’s hit TV series Wicked Tuna boats, captains and crews. You never know who you will run into walking the docks or just hanging out in the restaurant.  They are around, and you are welcome to come check out the marina surroundings, hotel and Mile Marker One Waterfront Restaurant to catch a glimpse, snap a photo and shake there hands.

The Captains also offer fishing charters where you can learn to fish like the pros.  There is nothing like catching a “Giant” so good luck! Tails up!  follow links below to inquire more.

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Wicked 200: Sailing Out of Gloucester Since 2012

April 22, 2024
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After thirteen seasons on the high seas, Wicked Tuna reaches an incredible milestone – 200 episodes – in 2024. The series has celebrated one of America’s oldest industries since first premiering on National Geographic in 2012 and has made internationally recognized stars of the intrepid Gloucester commercial fishermen who brave the unrelenting North Atlantic waters to catch the elusive bluefin tuna.

From the start, Wicked Tuna set out to document the skill and coordination it takes to wrestle a giant bluefin tuna using the centuries-old method of rod-and-reel fishing. The gripping action and human perseverance has drawn millions of loyal viewers around the globe who tune in to watch the high drama and the banter between the captains and crew– sometimes playful, sometimes heated – as the Gloucester fishermen vied to outdo each other every week in the hopes of taking home the most lucrative catch and ending the season as the top-earning boat in the fleet.

Wicked Tuna cast

Hard Merchandise (left to right) Mate Joe Marciano, Captain Dave Marciano, and Mate Jay Muenzner with their first bluefin. (PFTV/Cory Long)

Every great series starts with a great story– and Wicked Tuna has always delivered a compelling mix of fast-paced action and human drama that has excited and inspired viewers ever since its first episode. But one of the show’s most compelling characters has always been the town of Gloucester itself. America’s oldest seaport, Gloucester and its rich history set it apart from any other town or city along the entire East Coast. Almost every book about maritime history is based in and around this area.

Back in 2012, Pilgrim Media Group came to scout the location and the show’s producers were instantly hooked on the stories the local fishermen told of reeling in massive bluefin tuna. Many of those fishermen became part of the original cast of Wicked Tuna and a new era of recognition for the city was born. Over the years, Wicked Tuna has contributed to a boost in Gloucester’s tourism industry, with fans searching the docks for their favorite captains and boats much like they searched for local landmarks after the film The Perfect Storm came out.

Wicked Tuna Season 12 cast

Wicked Tuna Boat Captains. Jack Patrican, Dave Marciano, Tyler McLaughlin, Paul Hebert, Dave Carraro, Michelle Cicale, TJ Ott, Bob Cook, and Tim Ott Sr.. (Pilgrim Production, LLC/Cody Long)

Gloucester was always the bluefin capital of the world and the fans of Wicked Tuna have been drawn to Gloucester to experience the excitement for themselves. For many of the beloved cast, the biggest surprise has been the opportunities that have come with being on a show that is both a national and international success.

You won’t have to look very far to find Wicked Tuna merchandise in Gloucester and beyond. Many cast members make appearances at regional and national boat shows across the country and some have even traveled to meet groups of fans overseas.

As National Geographic and Pilgrim Media Group reflect on 13 great seasons and 200 episodes, the appreciation for how warmly Gloucester has embraced the series, the cast and crew, and the dedicated fans is hard to put into words. It has been an incredible journey together and there are only two words that seem to fit the moment: Thank You. | Captain Dave Carrero  with over 33 years of experience provides his guests with a fun, safe, and knowledgeable deep sea fishing trip.  412-759-3584

Wicked Pissah | Captain Paul Hebert
  Big game fishing running through Captains Paul’s family history, his passion for the sea and for fishing is evident in his excitement while he teaches everyone he comes in contact with a little bit more about the deep sea.

Jackson Patrican | Time Flies with more than a decade of experience standing behind the wheel. The 26 year-old college graduate has dedicated his life to fishing; from fresh to saltwater Jack has mastered the tactics used to catch the Northeast’s top gamefish. Very passionate about the ocean and all its inhabitants, Jack prefers to spend his time on the water, which makes fishing aboard the Time Flies more than just a charter.

Bounty Hunter| Captain Bill Monte has been dedicated to the catch for over 40 years alongside his wife Donna Monte. Bill has a vast knowledge of various fish species and can take you out on the water for just about anything you’d like to rail in.

Hot Tuna | Captain TJ Ott being ambitious by nature his first Blue Fin Tuna was caught before he was even a teenager, and he’s been hooked on the sea since. Splitting his time between Key West Florida and Gloucester MA TJ knows all the techniques from coast to coast.

Hard Merchandise |  Captain Dave Marciano a hardworking and dedicated man who’s goal is not only to catch  fish but to feed the community and his family.  Dave runs a constant working vessel alongside his son Joseph Marciano but enjoys taking the time to take out eager enthusiasts.

Pinwheel | Captain Tyler McLaughlin not your typical college graduate his first 35ft fishing vessel was purchased as soon as he graduated from Nichols College. Tyler got a taste of the sea at a young age while watching his father wrangle in giant blue fin tuna so it no surprise that he has followed his father’s footsteps.

It was so awesome to meet Dave, Paulie and crew. See the boats, take our picture with them...worth the trip .... Tom D. Alabama

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