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Fuel Dock

Hours of operation

Fuel & Pump Out Hours

Spring season Hours:
Open Monday – Friday 8am-5pm
Saturdays & Sundays 9am-4pm 

Special appointments upon advanced request.

Dockmaster mobile/cell/text 978-325-1121

Call on VHF 10 for assistance or 978-283-2116

The fuel dock, pump out and store is ready to take care of you on your next pit stop.  We offer a friendly full service staff that can assist in docking, fueling, holding tank pump out, free of charge, to help keep our inshore waters clean.

We can handle several boats at a time including large lengths.  Be sure to hail out Dock staff on VHF Channel 10 as you are on your way so we can accommodate you as quick and easily as possible.

Fuel additives, oils and stabilizers are also available on site.  If you need ice, water, snacks, beach and boat accessories we have a good selection right at the dock. Our Marine Service Center onsite also has additional boating supplies and a large selection of products for all boats (check hours of operation).

We encourage you to use oil zorbs type materials when fueling – especially if you know your tanks have a tendency to spill over. We ask that you don’t top-off, because chances are it can end up in our river. Come prepared to fuel your tanks – and proactive in protecting our waters.

You will be handed the fuel pump for self fueling. If you request a pump-out, you will be handed the pump-out hose for self pump-out upon staff instruction. Come prepared with gloves, rags and any sanitizing products you may need, as they will not be supplied.
If you require ice or other items, please let the Dock Staff retrieve it for you.
Dock & Take Out: Make sure you place your online order first, before coming into the dock to ensure a quick turnaround and no dock crowding.  Only one person is allowed to pick up take-out orders upon arrival, all other passengers need to stay on the boat.
There is no picking up or dropping off our passengers at any part of the marina. Use the Gloucester Public Landings for this use.

Frequent Fueler Program

An annual program that begins on your first fill up of the new calendar year.  You can sign up right at the dock. Save your receipts in a handy envelope that we provide. At the end of the season, turn in your receipts and we will send a gift card based on your volume. The more you fuel with us, the more you will save.

Types of Fuel

We only carry quality fuel from a trusted supplier with competitive prices. We offer two types of gasoline 87 and 93 and a pure, high Cetane diesel.  All products are filtered for water and particulates to ensure the best quality for the customer.  

Fuel Dock is located

The Fuel Dock is located on the south side of the marina. If you are approaching from the harbor via the Blynman draw bridge (on demand, Channel 13) – your first left, after the first pier. If you are traveling from the north on the Annisquam River – under the train bridge (Channel 13) past the first part of the marina, take a right after you pass day marker 48.

Dock & Dine

Cape Ann Marina’s dock staff makes it easy to “Dock & Dine” at Mile Marker One. Located adjacent to the fuel dock, we have exclusive complimentary dockage for patrons of our restaurant who arrive by boat. Hail us on VHF 10 for dockage inquires and instructions.

Dock staff are on hand to assist with tying up, maneuvering and getting guests on and off the boat safely. Prepare your lines and fenders (on both sides) as there will be a good probability that we will raft your boat with other boats that are dining.  Dockage is first come, first serve. Charges may apply if vessels are docked for greater than 2 hours. In order to accommodate guests, boats are subject to be rafted. Vessels over 30′ can be difficult to dock during busy hours.


Short Term tie up

Please inquire with the Dock staff how long you need to spend at the dock for your purpose. Be sure to tell the Dockmaster what your intention is while you are here. Rates will apply.