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Seasonal Storage

Choosing where and how to store your boat is very important. For over 50 years we have been practicing this! Our marina is continuously improved, and our dock staff works year round to keep them maintained.  Because the marina is open year round, we have people monitoring not only the slips, but also the boats in our boat yard on trailers and boat stands from 20+ to 85’. Our yard is open 24/7/365 with nighttime security. 


We have expanded our upland storage to accommodate more boats, RV’s, and additional vehicles that require all access parking. All access, all the time. Enjoy the convenience of quick river and harbor access via the Gloucester Town ramp, just a 5-minute drive and located directly across the river from the marina. If you don’t want to handle launching and hauling your boat, we offer a hassle-free valet service. The boat will be in the water and ready to go when you arrive and we will put the boat away when you get back from a great day on the water. Read all the new details and pricing…

power boats in the water at the dock

Summer Boat Storage

Cape Ann Marina offers 265+ slips for boats ranging from 20 to 80 feet in length with an ideal location directly on the Annisquam River. Slips are contracted in advance for the summer season that is April 15th to October 15th, with grace periods upon request. The marina is full for the 2023 season and new requests for slips can be made by filling out our waitlist application. Summer dry storage including trailered boats (with access to hook up) on land is also available upon request.

Submit a Summer Storage Request Form

Winter Storage

We accommodate all sail and power boats stored on their trailers or on boat stands up to 70’. Crane and mast storage can be ordered to best serve you and the vessel’s optimum storage needs. Although it is not recommended by the boat stand manufacturer to store sail boats with their mast up, we allow the customer the choice to leave it up at their own risk. We also offer wet storage in the winter, but one must be prepared to supply bubblers or such if it is required. The winter storage agreement licensed period is October 15 – May 15, with grace periods upon request, but no later than May 31.

Winter Boat Storage Agreement 2023-2024

Make A Deposit or Payment


boats in the water boats under cover

Year Round Storage

Year-round/Annual renewal – a large majority of our customers store year-round with us. Hauling in the fall to dry land and launching in the spring to go back to in their slip. Renewals are handled starting in October and storage is paid in full or on a payment plan, prior to the upcoming season. Contact our Marine Service Center to assist you.

Online Catalog – Flip through to see what you are looking for. Visit our Marine Retail and Parts store onsite.

Dinghy Dock

Based on availability and if you have a current summer storage agreement with us, we can accommodate you. Dinghy/tenders cannot exceed 12’ length overall with the engine stored in it’s out of the water position.  All vessels must be pre-approved and paid in full prior to arrival. Contact the Dockmaster to register your dinghy.

Dockage Assist - Channel 10

Our Dockmaster and dock staff are here to help you. The Dockmaster is here to help you maneuver and gain techniques in operating your boat in and out of your slip. He can also check and suggest the best dock line and fender placement. When you need an extra hand upon arrival, call the dock staff on VHF Channel 10 for a “Dock Assist”.

Storage FAQ's

Q: What is L.O.A?

A: This stands for Length Over All. The marina storage standard is to measure the old fashion way with a tape from the tip of the boat out of the water to its stern with the motor stored in its upright position. We call it from Tip to Tail.

Q: How can I find out my boat’s LOA?

A: The Dockmaster will help you verify your measurements in or out of the water. Or most manufactures have the LOA listed on their websites – Google it. You just need to know the make, model and year of your boat. Be sure to pick the measurement with the motor stored up.

Q: How do I add my boat and name to the Summer Slip waiting list?

A: Fill out a Storage Request Form {link to Storage Request Form} and be sure to tell us you are a new vs. existing customer. If you were a past storage customer be sure to tell us that as well. You can add your name to our wait list even if you don’t have a boat yet.

Q: How long is the waiting list?

A: Depending on your boat size and how many boats are in front of you on the list. This can sometimes be challenging to answer. It can all be relative from year to year and from 20’ (minimum) to 60+. We encourage you to stay on the list – as one may never know. Our recommendation however is don’t go buy a new boat and expect that we can accommodate that size off the waitlist. You can add your name to our wait list even if you don’t have a boat yet.

Q: I bought a new boat – need a different slip to fit it?

A: Fill out a Storage Request Form {link to Storage Request Form} and and get in touch with the Dockmaster as soon as your planning begins so we can best accommodate the change.

Q: I am getting my boat delivered to the marina over the road, how can I get it launched and put in its slip?

A: Not a problem, we can take deliveries with advanced notice only. Contact our Service department and make arrangements. Certain paperwork needs to be on hand prior to arrival and prior to launching.

“We love it here, it’s our home away from home, its all here and the staff takes excellent care of us and the boat!” – Fiore family