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Please fill out the form completely to join or remain on our Waitlist for Summer In-Water Boat Storage.  There is a $35 fee that needs to be included with this submittal. Once you click the submit button at the completion of this form the confirmation page will include a Payments Link where you can securing pay the Waitlist Fee.  Thank you.

Waitlist application

For wailtlist requests and renewals.

  • LOA will be verified by the Dockmaster, your accuracy is important upon applying to be on the wait list..
  • Note: Most outboard engines add 4’ to the overall length of the boat, but this distance does vary by manufacturer, mounting style and other factors. Contact the Dockmaster with questions
  • Non-Refundable, Non-Transferable Waitlist Information:
    • $35/year April 1 – March 31 for each list you are on.
    • Both the fee and waitlist application is non-refundable and not-transferable.
    • Spaces are offered on an availability basis. Current seasonal storage customers receive priority over others on the waiting list.
    • Spaces may be offered to a customer that has not been on the list for the same duration at the marina’s discretion considering storage status and/or the size of the vessel or other factors.
    • It is up to the customer on the waiting list to renew their place on the list, with payment, no later than May1st each year
    • Customers on the waiting list must provide an email address, phone number and list preferred contact method that the Marina will use to contact customers when a space is available.
    • Customers will be given less than 5 days to respond prior to another customer being offered the same space. Please make sure your email is working and spam and other filters preventing from contacting you.
    • When a customer confirms interest in the space, a temporary hold on the space of 24 hours will begin. Within the hold time a confirmation is required. A confirmation requires submission of a completed storage agreement, other required documents and payment. Non-confirmation will release the space to other customers.
    • A customer that responds and does not want to take the slip will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist category.
    • If no response is received within 10 days, the customer will be moved to the bottom of the waitlist category.
    • Customers moving from one size category to another will be placed at the bottom of the new category requested.
    • Customers may pay with cash, check or credit and be must processed by May 1st to hold their position on the waiting list each year and avoid being removed from the waitlist.
    • Removal from the waitlist will place a customer at the bottom of the waitlist category if they choose to be added back to the waitlist.