Private Charters

If you would like a sightseeing or whale watching excursion please feel free to ask our charter fleet captains listed here.

Captain Boat Name Type of Boat  Telephone Web
Capt. Bill Bounty Hunter 35′ Duffy Downeast Sport fishing 978-827-8004 YES
Fred Calhoun Easy Diver 33′ Sisu – Diving 978-897-0877 YES
Gary Cannell Tuna Hunter 36′ RunawayDeep Sea / Sportfishing 978-407-1351 YES
Dave Carraro TUNA.COM 31′ JC Downeast Sport Fisherman Deep Sea / Sportfishing 412-759-3584 YES
Mauro DiBacco Kelly Ann 35′ RB Sportfishermen 978-618-5893 YES
George Lemieux Lady Diane 23′ Pacific/ Deep Sea Sportfishing Charters 978-590-2131 YES
Francis Linnehan Down Under 26′ Privateer – Diving 978-256-1208 YES
Fran Marcaeu Day Breaker 31′ BHM – Diving 508-873-8339 YES
Derek & Nat First Light Anglers 24′ Center ConsolesFly Fishing, Bass, Tuna 978-948-7004 YES
Collin MacKenzie Karen Lynn 43′ Lowell Deep Sea / Sportfishing 508-212-3364 YES
Bruce Sweet Sweet Dream 38′ Flowers Downeast
SportDeep Sea / Sportfishing
617-803-1197 YES
Kevin Twombly Kayman III 35′ Bruno Sport Fishing 888-752-9626 YES
Nat Moody Night Heron Fishing

Offshore Center Console

Bass, Tuna, Captain, Fishing Consulting

978-808-2578 Yes
Kevin L Wicked Tuna Kevin Deep Sea Fishing/Sportfish 978-766-3185 Yes

If you are planning on spending the night in our hotel – call to make a reservation and tell them who you are scheduled to fish with. Discounts may apply, and must be requested at the time of booking your hotel reservation or package. 800-626-7660

Gloucester Fleet’s Lady Sea is also our large deep sea fishing and specialty charter boat, including sunset music cruises and private party’s. …visit their website www.GloucesterFleet.com